Alternity Beyond

Alternity Beyond is a fan-made digital toolset and game companion for TSR's 1998 Table-Top Role-Playing Sci-Fi Game 'Alternity'. Within, you'll find creative tools for making characters, organizing campaigns, and including your homebrew content. This is not an official product, and I do not own the rights to the ruleset or any of their copyrighted content. This is not for profit. It is merely a tool of convenience for my fellow fans of this long-discontinued (but sorely missed) role-playing game.

This site is inspired by DNDBeyond for D&D 5th Edition and is an attempt to create some level of functionality and convenience for Alternity players that DNDBeyond players get to enjoy.

-Scott 'Moloth' Kelley (3/26/2021)

11/07/2021 - The site is now in Open BETA and is accepting new users! Please feel free to request an account, log in, and try out the Character Creator, Character sheets, and Campaign Manager.